The Yearbook World of Scott Geesey

from Jostens Yearbooks of central/northern Pennsylvania

If you use Adobe InDesign for your page creation, Jostens has everything you need to create your greatest yearbook EVER! Other companies make claims; Jostens and I back it up with RESULTS!
The Jostens YearTech tools for InDesign are the best in the yearbook industry, and that's no empty claim. I often hear about competitors who claim to be the "technology leader." For any non-Jostens school reading this, drop me a line and I'd welcome the chance to a side-by-side comparison of Jostens YearTech vs. anyone else's software. You'll be amazed at what you and your staff are missing...
- Tons of ready-made page templates called Page Surfers that can be easily applied to any page, then used or changed however you wish
- Quickly rearrange page elements for some design variety with Page Enhancers
- Easily apply digital images to your pages with Picture Placer, the first and still the best such tool in the industry
- Amaze yourself with how easy it is to create an index with Jostens Indexer, scanning names on the page and automatically creating the index
- Add slick page elements like headlines, scoreboards, photo elements and much more with Jostens Click 'N Go, just drag and drop!
- Create your own cool word art with Jostens Type Effects
- Want to leave a "virtual sticky note" on a page layout with some thoughts for a staffer? You can with Jostens Note It!
- Easily place clip art on a page with our Jostens Clip Art Placer
- Publish student polls or surveys? Use Jostens Chart It to easily create a cool pie chart to illustrate the results.
- Quickly eliminate any red eye problems on color images with Jostens Red Eye Remover
- Make entire portrait sections in moments with the Jostens Portrait Editor or Panel Maker
- Stuck for a word or synonym in a story or caption? Jostens Writers Block draws from top sources to help you find just the right word or correct spelling. And of course Spell Check makes sure you don't have any embarrassing misspelled words.
- Take advantage of Jostens' file hierarchy to easily save page spreads and digital picture links in nice neat packages that can be quickly copied to a CD or transmitted to the Jostens plant via the Internet. No more lost or confusing link problems!
Here's a strange one - I've encountered schools who receive black and white proofs of COLOR pages. Not at Jostens - color pages receive top quality color page proofs with all elements included.
If you're an InDesign school, you probably already know about doing easy Drop Shadows on images and text, along with Feathering and Corner Effects on images, all under the Object Menu. But how about some step-by-step tip sheets on how to handle some of the coolest special effects of the program? Check them out below, and print them out for reference. Note that some sheets mention InDesign 2.0; the step-by-step tips are the same for all versions of CS as well...

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